GregAbout Gregory Leyh

Experienced Kansas City Civil Litigation Attorney

21 Years of Civil Litigation Experience in Missouri and Kansas

Gladstone, Missouri, civil litigation lawyer Gregory Leyh obtained his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Minnesota in 1983. After a successful stint as a university professor, Mr. Leyh capitalized on what the Kansas City Business Journal called his “nimble mind” and entered law school in 1989.

Since graduating magna cum laude from Indiana University’s accelerated law school course of study in 1991, Mr. Leyh has worked exclusively to represent plaintiffs in civil litigation. Since founding his office in 1999, he has handled hundreds of cases, including cases involving business and commercial law, contract law, real estate law and personal injuries.

A primary focus of Mr. Leyh’s firm is class action law, and since 1999 he has successfully resolved numerous class action suits for contractors, schools, florists, insurance agents, smokers and more.

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