ForeclosureWhat happens when you meet your end of a deal to stave off a foreclosure, and then the bank forecloses on your house anyway?

Ask David and Crystal Holm. The Holt, Missouri, couple believed that they had met Wells Fargo’s terms to stop a foreclosure on their home. Then they spent six years in limbo.

After the Holms’ house suffered damage from a 2008 storm, the couple sought to resolve a debt issue with Wells Fargo, the lender.

The Holms say they came up with the money that Wells Fargo wanted to stop foreclosure on the property. But on August 15, 2008, Wells Fargo, represented by the law firm Kozeny & McCubbin (a firm based in St. Louis with offices in Fairway), started the foreclosure process anyway.

Wells Fargo took over the property and sold it to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (known as Freddie Mac) for $141,792.

The Holms thought that they had done their part to keep the house out of the bank’s crosshairs and decided to keep living there anyway, an act of defiance that drew a lawsuit filed by Freddie Mac. They continued to live there, under constant threat of eviction, for six years.

Until about a week ago.

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