702, 2015

Judge hits bank with record judgment for wrongful foreclosure

After nearly a year of discovery disputes, a Missouri judge threw up his hands and threw out all of the defense pleadings in a wrongful foreclosure case. As a result, the loan servicer now owes the homeowners more than $3.25 million.

Read more: http://molawyersmedia.com/2015/02/06/judge-hits-bank-with-record-judgment-for-wrongful-foreclosure/#ixzz3R5LERtkJ

Or download the PDF here.

102, 2015

Two Judges Who Get It About Banks > New York Times

2/1/15 – New York Times, Fair Game by Gretchen Morgenson
Big banks hold great sway in Washington these days, far more than troubled homeowners do. But outside the Beltway, many people remain caught in the maw of the financial giants, which is why it is heartening when some judges step into the fray.
Consider two opinions involving […]

3101, 2015

Judgment in Holm v. Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac

The 6.5 year fight of a Missouri family to keep their home ended on Monday, January 26, 2015.  The deceptions of Wells Fargo were exposed in a Clinton County, Missouri courtroom.  Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac were represented by the Missouri default services firm of Kozeny & McCubbin.  Kozeny’s trial team of Martin Blanchard, Andrew […]